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El Cielo de la Vera is located in Villanueva de la Vera, a town in the region of Cáceres, Spain. Nestled in a lush green valley in the Gredos mountain range, it’s surrounded by rivers that flow down the valley through rocks to form breathtaking crystal-clear pools. The ranch offers visitors the chance to enjoy retreats in close contact with nature—be it in groups, as a couple or with family. Here you’ll find the peace and calm essential to any activity that requires looking within and undergoing meaningful transformation.




The main house boasts accommodation for up to thirty people in simple yet cosy shared rooms.





El Cielo de la Vera also boasts cabins in the middle of the woods throughout the property. They are built to accommodate two or four people.



the ROOM

The main activity room is a circular, 110sqm open-plan space with a beautiful view over the trees. It has been built with harmony in mind—something you’ll find evident in its size, acoustics and proportions. Its construction keeps it cool during the summer while a fully-functioning heating system keeps things cosy in wintertime. The polished wooden floor is ideal for dancing, yoga and other physical activities. For added comfort, in this room you’ll find mattresses, pillows and blankets.



The temazcal (sweat lodge) is a ceremonial space meant to clean, purify and facilitate connection for everyone who enters it. The structure is a fully-covered natural construction made of willow branches. Inside, water is poured onto hot stones to create steam. In this context, sweating is not only a physical purification, but a spiritual one.

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