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The Place

el Cielo de la Vera is located in Villanueva de la Vera, Cáceres, in the dazzling landscape of the Sierra de Gredos, in the middle of a lush forest and surrounded by streams and gorges where natural pools of crystalline water form. The farm offers groups, couples or families the possibility of finding the appropriate tranquility to spend a retreat in contact with nature. Here you will find the appropriate tranquility for any activity that requires internalization and deep transformation.


The main house boasts accommodation for up to thirty people in simple yet cosy shared rooms.



El Cielo de la Vera also boasts cabins in the middle of the woods throughout the property. They are built to accommodate two or six people.


To live an experience of authentic immersion in nature we have 12 tambos equipped with comfortable mattresses and mosquito nets




Live the experience of staying in an authentic Mongolian yurt
Here it is possible for up to 5 people to sleep comfortably

the Workshop Room

The main activity room is a circular, 110sqm open-plan space with a beautiful view over the trees. It has been built with harmony in mind—something you’ll find evident in its size, acoustics and proportions. Its construction keeps it cool during the summer while a fully-functioning heating system keeps things cosy in wintertime. The polished wooden floor is ideal for dancing, yoga and other physical activities. For added comfort, in this room you’ll find mattresses, pillows and blankets.


The temazcal (sweat lodge) is a ceremonial space meant to clean, purify and facilitate connection for everyone who enters it. The structure is a fully-covered natural construction made of willow branches. Inside, water is poured onto hot stones to create steam. In this context, sweating is not only a physical purification, but a spiritual one.


€ 45 low season
€ 55 high season (Easter, summer and Christmas)
Full board
The minimum group is 10 people with free stay for children under 2 years.

For the reservation of date it is necessary to make a deposit of 20% of the total amount of the withdrawal./p>

Low season (from January to June and from October to December)
50 € cabin and Yurt for 2 people + € 10 for each extra person
€ 25 shared room in the main house

High season (July to September, Christmas, Easter, bridges and holidays)
€ 60 for 2 people + € 10 for each extra person
€ 35 shared room in the main house

Cancellations (ours / your)
In case of cancellation of our part (very exceptionally) we reintegrate 100%
of the reserve.
To cancel a reservation, an email must be sent
If canceled 90 days before the start date of the workshop we return 100% of the deposit, if canceled 30 days before the start date we return 50%, after this date Cielo de la Vera remains with 50 % of the reservation and the other 50% can be used as a deposit for future reservations or stay in El Cielo de la Vera (maximum one year)
In any case will be charged management fees (between € 30 and € 50)

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If you want to contact us,
write to us using the form
or call us at the number
627 43 93 33
658 94 43 52

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el Cielo de la Vera

How to get

by Car

Start to follow the GPS from the Municipal Pool of Villanueva de la Vera. ITINERARY 1. To get to the house from Madrid, you can use the road from Extremadura (N-V) to the Oropesa exit (km 148). 2. From the roundabout follow direction to Madrigal de la Vera. When you reach Madrigal, when the road ends, continue towards Plasencia, (road EX-203) or turn left. 3. Before entering the next town, which is Villanueva de la Vera, and after passing a gas station, follow the indication (on the right) to the municipal pool. 4. From the pool, you can immediately see a stone arch; you have to go under the arch. If right at that point you put the kilometer count «to 0», this would be the route with the distances: * When we foresee that you are going to arrive at night or that you can get lost for being the first time you come, we put some YELLOW ARROWS at the crossroads with possibility of doubt .. if you see them, follow them .. if you do not see them … it does not mean that you are necessarily bad … follow these indications: KM. 0 Stone arch, starting from there three roads, COGER THE ROAD OF THE MIDDLE (EARTH) 100 meters: bifurcation follow the LEFT, EYE: CONCRETE during a good stretch … 800 meters: concreting ends, but CONTINUE STRAIGHT by the dirt road. KM 1,200: DO NOT HAVE a road that goes upwards concreting, giving a big curve to the left and with a steep slope. FOLLOW FOR THE EARTH, EVERY STRAIGHT … KM 2,900: you will see in the roadside a STONE TYPE «MENHIR» AS A METRO OF HEIGHT, with three iron horseshoes that marks the entrance to a private estate, DO NOT ENTER, FOLLOW STRAIGHT, begins another stretch of concrete .. you’re almost there … BE ATTENTIVELY..there is where more people get distracted..COGER THE NEXT DEPARTURE TO THE LEFT, KM 3100 .. makes right angle with respect to the road that you have and at the entrance it seems that there is rubble in the ground .. we continue straight on this branch and … KM 3,500 on the right you will find the entrance to Heaven !!. Of course … it is a steep climb … WE RECOMMEND TO RISE FIRST Remember: all the way (about 3,500 KM ..) follow the main road, the flattest, do not take any secondary road that goes up or down from the main … until the deviation at a right angle (km 3,100 of the road) which is about 200 meters after the «menhir».

by Bus

(From Madrid).
Click on the following link to check schedules, from South Station or from Príncipe Pío, to Villanueva de la Vera: autobuses SAMAR

by Train

There is the possibility of coming by train to Oropesa de Toledo, about 35km. of Villanueva de la Vera. For this it is necessary to advise in advance and arrange this service with Taxi